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Success Stories


Kafoode used Airtable for Master Data Management

Based in Epsom, UK, Kafoodle is a leading award-winning intelligent software platform for recipe and menu management, allergen control, meal planning, and more. Platfrom receives food products and their allergens information from various wholesalers, pushes the data to their downstream clients after performing data validation, cleansing and enrichment. 

Rafa Kids.png

Rafa Kids Automated Inventory Management

Based in the Netherlands, Rafa Kids is a design furniture shop for children’s rooms. 

The problem statement is, all the orders fulfilled through WooCommerce, an entry is being made manually into Google sheets. There’s a high manual work involved with this approach


Dalls Janitorial replaced Excel sheets with Airtable

Based in Dallas US, Dallas Janitorial Services provides Commercial cleaning, Office and Building Carpet cleaning, fogging, and many other cleaning-related services.

The problem statement is, they have many excel sheets with the data lying in each of them and unorganized. With this approach, there’s no organized view of data. For the Quotes submitted through the website generate an email, there’s no tracking mechanism to nurture the lead.

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