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Work Presentation

Dalls Janitorial replaced
excel sheets with Airtable



Based in Dallas US, Dallas Janitorial Services provides Commercial cleaning, Office and Building Carpet cleaning, fogging, and many other cleaning-related services.


The problem statement is, they have many excel sheets with the data lying in each of them and unorganized. With this approach, there’s no organized view of data. For the Quotes submitted through the website generate an email, there’s no tracking mechanism to nurture the lead.


Kwiksync is engaged in providing a solution to overcome these challenges, we had made use of the below products - 


  • Airtable

  • Integromat

  • Microsoft Outlook

The Solution

We have provided the below to overcome the challenges - 


  1. Migrated all Google sheets to Airtable. We had designed several bases to accommodate all of the Opportunities, Inspections, estimates, Prospect Communications, Tasks, Client contacts.

  2. Enabled integration between Microsoft Outlook and Airtable using Integromat. 

  3. Created a lead nurture mechanism for the leads that integrated from Outlook into Airtable.

The Results

With this exercise of migrating Google sheets to Airtable, the productivity of the team increased to a large extent and provided a quick view of the entire ecosystem in a click. It provided a nurturing mechanism for the leads submitted through the website, which earlier were going unnoticed. 

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