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Work Presentation

Kafoodle used Airtable for
Master Data Management




Based in Epsom, UK, Kafoodle is a leading award-winning intelligent software platform for recipe and menu management, allergen control, meal planning, and more. Platfrom receives food products and their allergens information from various wholesalers, pushes the data to their downstream clients after performing data validation, cleansing and enrichment. The process is very tedious and consuming more resources, effort daily. 

Currently, the process is being performed with multiple excel worksheets, which lacks the flexibility and ease of doing in - 

  1. Finding Duplicate product records

  2. Finding Delisted products for each of the uploaded files, daily in comparison to previous files

  3. Finding Products that are newly created 

  4. Finding Products, in which few of the allergens are updated (checking the entire 130 columns)

  5. Validation against column data rules and apply formulas to enrich data

  6. Price files for each of the products and extracting UOM, Qty using formulas.

  7. The whole process is repeated for all of the suppliers and clients whom Kafoodle is engaged with.


Kafoodle, thus, desired an automated master data management solution that was capable of handling all of the above data processes using:

· Airtable

· Integromat

The Solution

Airtable provided below off-the-shelf features to achieve the functionality –

  • An app to upload CSV’s file by checking the no. of creates & updates present.

  • Apply formulas to do enrichment of allergens or nutrients data, wherever required

Along with the above, we made use of the below-advanced features of Airtable -

  • Script to validate record by record for each of the allergens, nutrients, blanks, invalid values, and more

  • Enrich data as per rules using Airtable formulas, where validation is failed for any of the attributes.

  • Using scripting, identified the records that got created today, updated today (Allergens), products delisted when compared to yesterday’s file.

  • Aggregated price values for each of the product records, for all of the clients.

  • Calculate Qty, UOM using formulas

  • After the entire process, the files are ready to be uploaded into the Kafoodle web system. These will be further consumed by end clients.

The Results

The whole exercise of cleaning and loading product, price files in the existing multi excel sheet-based setup is taking about an entire day for the business analysts.

In the new solution entire process gets completed in about an hour along with a complete analysis of the product and price file. This reduces the man-hours of the team by a minimum of 80%.

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