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Rafa Kids Automated
Inventory Management


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Based in the Netherlands, Rafa Kids is a design furniture shop for children’s rooms. 


The problem statement is, all the orders fulfilled through WooCommerce, an entry is being made manually into Google sheets. There’s a high manual work involved with this approach, as it involves - 

  1. Passing back quantities of ordered products for different SKU’s from WooCommerce to Google sheets 

  2. Decrease Order quantity from Relevant stock unit’s in Google sheets

  3. Passback inventory updated in Google sheets for each of SKU’s to WooCommerce product SKU inventory in real-time

  4. Enable forms to update Production data by Supplier or manufacturer for various product categories like Beds, Benches, Storage, Shelves, and more into Google sheets.

  5. Handle errors, while updating real-time data time from Woo-Commerce to Google Sheets and vice versa.


Kwiksync is engaged in providing a solution to overcome these challenges, we had made use of the below products - 

  • Integromat

  • Airtable

  • WooCommerce

  • Typeform

  • Google sheets

The Solution

We have made the solution into two parts – 

  1. As a first step, the existing Google sheets migrated into Airtable. Came with design for various bases to accommodate SKU’s categories, Inventory, Stock available, Supply data from manufacturers/suppliers, and more.

  2. WooCommerce and Airtable are Integrated Bi-directional, to update data in Real-time between these two systems

  3. In Airtable, features enabled to provide Kanban view, Dashboard of the supply chain.

  4. Typeforms created for Manufacturers/Suppliers to enter SKU’s data, which are integrated with Airtable bases.

The Results

With this exercise of integrating systems involved, real-time communication enabled the company to scale up during the pandemic. It also helped them with improved planning of capacity and reduced the manual effort spent on reconciliation between systems drastically to about 90% 

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