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Airtable Consultant

Airtable Database Setup

 We are Airtable expert consultants helping companies implement Airtable into their processes.


If you’re looking to visualize your company’s data all in one easy-to-use platform, Airtable is the application you’ve been looking for.

We help you explore different automation required in your process, to make it more productive. 

We fell in love with Airtable several years ago, and have helped countless people effectively create all kinds of highly customized applications for their businesses, such as Inventory Management, Project Management, Janitor maintenance systems and Master data management solution (a Unique solution, which we built for our customer).

Airtable is incredibly flexible, and it allows the user to create any kind of custom application. Airtable is a hybrid between a database, and an excel spreadsheet, but on steroids. 


Kwiksync has been developing in Airtable for over 3 years. We have seen how the platform has evolved over the years, and we have the experience to complete your project quickly and efficiently.

➜  Replace excel sheets and create a relational                 tables

Key Airtable features

➜   Different views to preview data
         including Grid, Kanban and forms
➜  Ability to Sort and filter data
➜  Built-in Automations
➜  API for Integrations with other apps
➜  Supports scripting for Custom functioanlity
Airtable Database.png
➜  App library for Ready-use
➜  Big Airtable community
Airtable apps.png

Airtable apps

Airtable Apps is an excellent feature with many apps that allows users to deep-dive and visualize data in graphs, charts, calendars, maps, and more. 
eg. There's an app that allows to create customized PDF documents advertisements, invoices, packing slips, and anything you can dream of a feature in your business process with an easy to use drag and drop builder.

Airtable automations

Airtable introduced an exciting feature called Airtable Automations. This allows the user to program in automatic actions based on triggers. For instance, if you mark a task as complete in one table, you can automatically create an invoice in another table. 
Airtable api.jpeg

Airtable API

Airtable API supports four main actions -
a. Retrieve records from Airtable base
b. Create new records
c. Update existing records
d. Delete Records

Airtable Scripting

Airtable Scripting lets write short scripts to reduce time spent on repetitive tasks and get deeper insights with advanced queries and custom reporting. A script can:
  • list of duplicate records with custom logic to identify and merge duplicates
  • list of records that don't satisfy a custom constraint or validation rule (e.g. each person may only have up to 3 active tasks assigned to them)
  • For each record in a view, compute a value based on the other cells and write the result to an output field
  • Fetch information from an API and write the result to an output field for each record (e.g. currency conversion rates)
  • Prompt the user for the name of a new project, then automatically create the relevant project and task records
Airtable blocks SDK.jpeg

Airtable block SDK

With the Blocks SDK, you can use React to create your own real-time, interactive apps that live in Airtable. Airtable hosts developed app. You can create your app in your own development environment and import your favorite npm packages.
Kwiksync helps you develop apps that are required for your business.

Our Airtable Services

Base design and modelling

we start by reviewing your existing Excel sheets or processes to design the base structure, tables, automation and custom scripting required.

Set up new bases

After the base design approval, Design phase is followed by Setting up new bases with the required bases, tables and permissions. 


We want to make sure most of the data entry effort is reduced by enabling the right automations. Automation complements base solution to make it more productive.

Advanced solutions

We help you build the scripting apps, where complex solution is required and also build apps using blocks sdk to make them available to wider audience.

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