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Knack app Consultant

Knack apps for your business

A Knack database solution is not just about creating pages and objects, and wiring them together, it’s more about discovering your needs and building a spot-on solution that is intuitive, easy-to-use, and looks and feels right.

We have helped countless people effectively create all kinds of highly customized applications for their businesses using Knack database, such as Property Management application, custom CRM and equipment tracker.

We help you explore different automation required in your process, to make it more productive. Explore our customer success stories. Get a free Knack trial account here:

Knack features

➜   Database
➜  Knack builder
➜  User logins
➜  Builder
➜  Views
➜  E-Commerce
➜  Knack API & Customization
➜  Mobile
Knack builder

Few Knack Usecases


Property Management

Store locator

Job listings

Inventory Manager

Project Management


Mobile workforce

Employee Reviews

Custom CRM

Property Management

Job board portal


Multi-step application

Quotes and Invoices

Volunteer Management

Equipment Tracker

Customer Portal

Real Estate listings


Tutoring Company

Municipal Payments Portal

Customer Payment Protal

Event Registration

 Knack Advanced

➜  Restful API
➜  Javascript
➜  CSS
➜  Customization
➜  Libraries
➜  Reports & Dashboards
knack database

Our Knack Services

Knack app discovery

Discovery phase, during which

entire requirements for the apps 

that are going to be developed are recorded from the customer

Set up new apps

we as knack developers build the apps with high quality after requirements are frozen by the customer. We are into knack development for few years and have made many successful deliveries.

Ongoing support

We want to make sure most of the data entry effort is reduced by enabling the right automations. Automation complements app to make it more productive.

Complex Solutions

We help you build the apps, where complex solution is required and also build apps using API and custom coding wherever required.

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