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Top 10 Usecases of Airtable for Real Estate

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

One interesting Airtable app for the Real estate is a small warehouse keeping a track of your home catalog. Sounds good right!!!

Airtable Usecase #1

Logging, tracking and communicating construction defects is an arduous task. Airtable base can be created, so the team can snap a photo on site, take some notes and move on to the next defect. This base saves you hours compiling reports back in the office and the list is available as it is created for the builder to begin rectification works immediately.

Airtable Usecase #2

A project tracker, designed for architects set up to track (incomplete) tasks assigned to team members and to also create areas to best manage consultants and clients.

Airtable Usecase #3

Airtable base to keep track of every relevant office space option for your clients. Your clients can review all the spaces on their own time. You then can have meaningful, productive, and collaborative meetings as filtered down to the properties that are the best fit. It avoids spending hours compiling spreadsheets and flyers again and again.​

Airtable Usecase #4

To keep track of everything in here - contacts, listings, comps, transactions.

Airtable Usecase #5

Airtable Warehouse app base to keep track of all of the things in your house. You might be tired of buying wrapping paper, random nails, markers, etc., and finding an already existing item stashed in some drawer. So, It takes more hours and cataloged everything in storage in house (closets, basement) with photos and any relevant notes. Now, if you want something, you can ask your warehouse first. And keeping it up to date is a snap with the mobile app.

Airtable Usecase #6

You can seamlessly connect buyers and sellers to bring extreme value to the home buying and selling experience.

Airtable Usecase #7

Moving home is very stressful, but it is an activity we all end up having to endure at least once; A base created should hopefully both help lower the stress levels and help things progress smoothly.

The Airtable app is structured something that we forgot and ensure better control on movement.

The Airtable mobile app will enable you to check your inventory while standing in a storage facility, or on the road during the move, which is extremely useful and functional.

Airtable Usecase #8

The base makes use of several Airtable Blocks to maintain the base and analyze the data -- most notably, the CSV Import Block, the Map Block, to map buyout amounts against [obfuscated] addresses; and the Chart Block, to provide a number of potentially worthwhile visualizations. It helps in negotiations with our landlord..

Airtable Usecase #9

Create a base for Self-builders building or renovating a home with an architect.

This toolkit will help the self-builder through the building process and keep track of every task and every person involved. It makes assigning responsibility easy and allows self builders to break down the process by room, by task, by responsibility, by consultant or by time frame.

Each detail of the project from finding land, through foundations to fitting pictures is listed and sorted so deadlines, budgets and tasks can be tracked.

Airtable Usecase #10

This base will help you to manage and track not only your expenses and income in your rental but your entire business! Why some huge no. of spreadsheets that you forget about when you can have just one. You can manage your inventory, appliances, maintenance, tasks, cleanings, routine checks and so much more!

I hope you have enjoyed the use-cases and your use-case fits in one among the above. So, Please sign up for Airtable and we can help you with Implementation from the discovery phase through completion. You can reach us at

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