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Build a custom Band management app

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

custom band management app

Band management app helps manage your musical band gigs under one roof. If you are a band who got more and more gigs and growing crazily want to manage all of your clients, contracts, invoices, and finances, definitely there aren't many options.

Management for bands is usually done by spreadsheets, Google sheets, Drive, Dropbox, 17Hats,, etc., and might attempt to add customizations specific to the band needs. Still, it may not do the job required.

Many Band management app software's are available in the market, but they cost more than 100$ per month, as subscription fees. Again, they have the limitation of not being able to customize specifically to your band's needs.

Using Airtable, a low-code tool, we have built a free template for band management app. This is highly customizable and a wide variety of features specific to your business can be added easily. Download free template here

Below are the features in our Airtable template for Band management:

  • Musician management by scheduling band members, communication, and musician paychecks

  • Handle client contracts, invoices, payments, and communication (CRM for musicians)

  • Build set lists and store reference recordings and sheet music

  • Book the right musicians for each gig,

  • Communicate gig details to musicians on time

  • Pay all team members on time

  • Keep track of payments and whom you still owe.

  • Shared Calendar

  • Share files with your band members

  • Share tasks

  • Auto-generate musician invoices

  • Google Calendar sync

Taking care of your clients properly is a process that involves constant communication, efficient data collection (questionnaires and testimonials), professional documents (like contracts and invoices), and of course easy payment processing.

You may already be using CRM software to keep track of all your clients. It's critical to collect client details in a central system to remind and do auto-follow-up.

With your existing CRM, you're likely to have realized that it wasn't built for bands and that your specific needs of being a live music business just aren't being met.

Below are the features in our template for client relationship management:

  • Lead capture forms to collect prospective client information

  • Auto follow-up emails for tracking Invoices and contracts

  • Email to allow for tracking communication

  • Contract creation with auto-fill.

  • Invoice creation and online payment options

  • Share files

Organizing the back-end when it comes to song and setlist details is crucial for band management app. An up-to-date and easily shareable music library is very important for the band which has to be taken seriously.

Below are the features in our template for Setting lists:

  • Easy import of song data via spreadsheet (you've probably got lots of songs!)

  • Ability to store important data with each song, like tempo, artist, notes, reference recordings, and sheet music

  • Displays the correct sheet music and PDF files to the correct musician based on role assignments

We can provide you advanced version of this template with all features for a small fees and offer customization as well. For further details, Please contact us at

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