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The 12 most popular airtable apps you can’t miss

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Airtable has an apps marketplace for all your needs. There are over 100 apps maintained by Airtable and individual publishers. Furthermore, there are over 150 open source apps by the Airtable community. Airtable by itself is not enough. These apps fill in the gap. They help Airtable become efficient and a one-stop place for everything.

From market analysis to customer feedback, with these apps, you can do everything directly from Airtable! Also, if you know how to code, you can remix these open-source apps as per your needs.

For now, let’s browse through some of the most popular Airtable apps. Note: You can install these apps with a click of a button (no coding required)

Here are the 12 most popular airtable apps

  1. Chart: Chart is an app that lets you visualize every piece of data. You can visualize the sales, the employees according to the department, the marketing campaigns, visitors to the website, and other things. This app lets you see the data from different angles and in different ways.

  2. Time Tracker: Time Tracker helps you in keeping a track of the time spent by employees on certain tasks. This app lets you gauge the productivity and complexity of a task in relation to the number of hours spent completing it. You can assign multiple employees to the same task. You won’t have to worry about gauging individual performance (Airtable will do it for you).

  3. Base Schema: Airtable is a relational database. If you have large amounts of data, there are probably such amounts of relations that you cannot see all of them manually. Base Schema lets you see all the fields of data and the relations in the database, all in one place.

  4. Shoptable: Shoptable is an app that lets you combine Shopify and Airtable. If you’re a product-based business, this app is for you. Shoptable enables you to see all your Shopify data on Airtable in the form of a database. You can edit the data and put it back on Shopify. This app also lets you create automations. For example, you can set up emails to your customer success team whenever a large order comes in.

  5. Miro: Miro is an app that helps you collaborate on white dashboards. It lets you visualize in an unstructured manner. Miro lets you draw on the collaborative board. You can collaborate with all teammates and communicate via digital notes.

  6. JiraCloud: Jira Cloud is an app that allows you to connect Jira with your Airtable base. You can import the contacts from Jira and even update them using Airtable. You can also import your Jira tasks into Airtable.

  7. Typeform: This app allows you to directly create forms from your Airtable base. You can also import the ‘form responses’ directly from TypeForm without leaving Airtable.

  8. Pexels: The Pexels app allows you to browse and attach stock images to your records. It is directly from Airtable. No need to go to the Pexels website every time you need a stock image.

  9. Fintable: Fintable allows you to connect to your bank directly from Airtable. You can browse receipts, future payments, expenses, and all your transactions directly from Airtable.

  10. Map: It allows you to create a map directly on Airtable. You can put pins on important locations such as warehouses, shipment houses, etc. This only works with a Google Map API key.

  11. Zonka Feedback: Zonka feedback is a survey app. Integrating Zonka Feedback with Airtable allows you to directly import responses to your survey to Airtable. The submissions to the form are updated to Airtable in real-time.

  12. Google Hangouts: Google Hangouts can be used to have real-time meetings with your team members. Forget about manually scheduling a meeting using email. Do it using the Google Hangouts app on Airtable.

You can also integrate airtable with other popular apps without coding.

Some of these apps are:

  1. Google Calendar: Have many meetings scheduled? You can import data from Google Calendar to Airtable easily. Keep a tab on all your meetings.

  2. SalesForce: SalesForce integration allows you to update or create new information about customers directly from Airtable. You don’t have to manually log in to SalesForce to update anything.

  3. HootSuite: Once you integrate your Airtable with HootSuite, you can directly send social media posts to HootSuite, via Airtable. No need to manually feed data into HootSuite

  4. Microsoft Outlook: This integration will allow you to directly receive/send emails from Airtable instead of logging in to Outlook.

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