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Forget Vagaro build a custom app for your Salon

You know you need a better way to manage your salon business, but paying hundreds per month for salon software like Vagaro just doesn’t make sense for your budget. What if there was an easy, inexpensive way to build your own custom salon app to handle appointments, billing, inventory and more? With tools like Airtable and Knack, you can create a salon management app tailored to your needs without any coding required. Save money and gain control of your business operations with a DIY salon software solution. In this article, we’ll show you features that can be built into a salon management app for a fraction of the cost of the overpriced options out there. Take back your business and boost productivity with a custom app you design yourself. The possibilities are endless!

There are many alternatives in Salon app space such as Vagaro etc., However most of them are very expensive and costs a whopping amount of more than 100-120$/month for multi-location salon or salon with 5+ bookable calendars.

Why Build Your Own Custom app for Salon ?

Why build your own custom salon software? You’ll have total control and flexibility. You can build features to meet your unique needs and tweak things as needed. Want to offer subscription packages or recurring memberships? No problem. Need appointment reminders or inventory tracking? You got it.

A custom solution will seamlessly handle all your salon’s operations in one place. From booking appointments to managing payroll to generating reports, your app can do it all. No more juggling multiple systems and wasting time.

With a custom platform, your data is your data. It’s not stored on someone else’s servers or tied to their service. If you ever want to switch systems, you can easily export your information.

For multi-location salons, a custom app is ideal. You can have separate logins for each location but still roll up reporting and oversight at the corporate level. Each salon can even have its own customized features and workflows.

Overall, building your own salon software means gaining control, saving money, and improving efficiency. What’s not to love? Make the switch and never look back!

How to Build a Software for Salon Using No-Code Platforms

Want an easy and affordable way to manage your salon? Forget expensive software like Vagaro and build your software for hair salons. Using no-code platforms like Airtable or Knack, you can create a simple but powerful app for your business in no time.

With drag and drop tools, you can build screens to schedule appointments, send appointment reminders, track services, manage payroll, offer subscription packages, and more. No coding required. These platforms connect to payment processors so you can accept payments in the app. Easily add or remove tools as your needs change.

No-code app builders are ideal for salons with multiple locations too. You get one centralized app to handle it all. Say goodbye to double entering data and not having visibility across locations.

Why this custom salon software is better than vagaro?

Customized for Your Needs

A custom salon software will be tailored to your business needs. You can pick and choose the features you need, like appointment booking, client management, inventory tracking and payroll. No paying for things you won’t use. You also have more control over the look and feel to match your brand.

Affordable Pricing

For a small monthly fee, you can create a complete management system for your salon using Airtable or Knack. No huge upfront costs or long-term contracts. As your business grows, you can easily add more features and users at any time. This DIY approach slashes costs compared to pre-built solutions like Vagaro.

Secure and Private

With a custom solution, only you and your staff will have access to your salon’s sensitive data. Your client’s details and interactions remain confidential within your business.

Manage Appointments, Clients and Staff

Manage Appointments, Clients and Staff

With salon scheduling apps, you can easily manage all your appointments, clients, and staff in one place.

· Schedule appointments and send automated reminders to clients. Let them book 24/7 through the app.

· Keep client profiles with details like service and product history, preferences, and notes. This helps you provide a personalized experience.

· Give staff access to view schedules, check clients in and out, and clock in/out. They can even request time off through the app.

· In Knack, it’s possible to accept payments as well right in the app.

Manage Invoices

Invoicing Made Easy

With a custom salon app, you can easily generate and send professional invoices to your clients.

· Simply enter the services provided for each client visit and the amount charged for each service. The app will automatically calculate the total amount due and produce an itemized invoice you can email directly to your client.

· Your clients can then pay the invoice amount into your business bank account.

· Recurring billing for membership packages and subscriptions is a breeze. The app will automatically charge members on the renewal date and email an invoice for the renewal amount. No more chasing down clients for subscription renewals!

· You’ll have a complete record of all invoices sent and payments received in the app for easy reference and accounting purposes. Powerful reporting features provide insights into sales, revenue, and other key metrics to help you make data-driven business decisions.

Manage Payroll of staff

Managing Payroll

As a salon owner, handling payroll for your stylists and staff is a necessary evil. But with a custom app, you can streamline the entire process.

Set up profiles for each employee where they can clock in and out, and the app will automatically track their hours worked. Employees can also log tips and commissions to get an accurate record of their total compensation.

When it's time for payroll, the app will total up the hours, tips, and any bonuses or commissions for the pay period. You'll know exactly how much to pay each staff member without having to sort through messy handwritten timecards or deal with incorrect calculations.

The app can also handle deductions for things like taxes, benefits, and any wage garnishments. Pay stubs are generated automatically so your employees have a clear record of their earnings and deductions for their records.

Best of all, since the app is customized for your salon, you have full control over the payroll features and can tailor them to your needs.

Manage recurring memberships

Manage recurring memberships

Offering subscription packages and recurring memberships are a great way to generate steady monthly revenue for your salon. With a custom app, you can easily set up and manage different membership tiers to suit your clients' needs.

For example, you may offer a basic monthly membership for clients who come in regularly for services like manicures or blowouts. An upgraded VIP membership could provide discounts on additional treatments and products for your most loyal customers. Clients can sign up for the membership that fits their needs and budget right through your app.

The app will automatically bill members on the same date each month and send payment reminders to avoid missed or late payments. It can also track membership details for each client like the start date, renewal date, and next billing date. Offering hassle-free recurring memberships is a simple way to increase client retention and provide ongoing value.

Track Inventory

Keep Track of Products

As a salon owner, you need to stay on top of your product inventory to ensure you never run out of supplies. An app can help automate inventory tracking so you always know exactly what’s in stock.

Connect your product supplier’s database to your app to automatically update when new shipments arrive. Your stylists and technicians can then log the products they use for each client service in the app. This will deduct the items from your inventory count in real-time so you know when reorders need to be placed.

With an automated inventory system in place, you’ll gain better insight into which products are selling well, allowing you to make smarter purchasing decisions. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing you have enough supplies on hand for all booked appointments and you are able to provide the latest and greatest products to keep your clients looking their best.

Forget the hassle of manual spreadsheets and enjoy the benefits of digital inventory management. Your customized salon app can help you save time, reduce waste, and improve your bottom line.

Notifications to clients

Notifications to clients

With a custom app, you can easily send notifications to your clients to remind them of upcoming appointments, promotions or sales.

· Set automatic appointment reminders to go out 1-3 days before their visit. This simple feature will reduce no-shows and keep your schedule filled.

· Promote new services, products or packages. Send a quick notification highlighting the details and benefits. Your clients will appreciate the heads up on new offers.

· Wish your clients a happy birthday or anniversary. Sending a small courtesy message on their special day is a thoughtful way to build goodwill and loyalty.

· Alert clients to unscheduled closures like snow days. Keeping them in the loop on short notice changes will minimize frustration and confusion.

A custom app gives you a direct line of communication to your clients. Use it to strengthen your relationship and provide value beyond just their appointments. Thoughtful notifications are an easy way to boost customer service and make a great impression.

Powerful Analytics and Reporting to Grow Your Business

Track Key Metrics

With a customized app, you’ll have insight into how your business is really doing. See total revenue, appointment bookings, most popular services, busiest days of the week, and more with just a few taps. Compare how multiple locations are performing or dig into the details for a single salon. Know if a new product line or ad campaign is working and make data-driven decisions to boost your bottom line.

Spot Trends

Notice seasonal ups and downs or other patterns in your business. Maybe you see a drop-in nail service booking over the holidays or an uptick in massage appointments during summer. Use this information to better staff your salons, roll out promotions, or make other strategic changes. Data doesn’t lie rely on the numbers from your custom app to guide important business choices.

Set Goals and Monitor Progress

Whether you want to increase revenue by 20% this year or boost rebooking rates to 85%, your custom software makes it easy to establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and see how you are tracking against them. Stay on top of multiple locations and get high-level overviews or drill down into specifics. Make sure your salons are thriving and make adjustments as needed to hit your targets.

Share Insights

Give managers and employees access to relevant metrics so everyone has the full picture. Share appointment schedules, sales reports, and KPI dashboards to keep your team informed and accountable. Foster a data-driven culture where decisions are backed by facts. Your custom salon app makes business intelligence available across the company.

Run marketing campaigns

Run Marketing Campaigns

Once your custom salon app is up and running smoothly, it’s time to spread the word. Build email lists from your existing and new clients to send promotional newsletters. Offer first-time discounts or free trials for services to attract new customers.

· Start an email newsletter campaign. Send weekly or monthly newsletters to your list with salon updates, special offers, and beauty tips.

· Run social media ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Create eye-catching images and video content to build buzz about your salon.

· Collaborate with local influencers like fashion and beauty bloggers. Offer them a free salon experience in exchange for an honest review and social media promotion.

· Sponsor local events to raise brand awareness in your community. Donate gift cards or services as raffle prizes at charity events, networking mixers, or school fundraisers.

· Build partnerships with complementary businesses. Cross-promote with nearby gyms, clothing stores, or wedding planners. Refer each other’s customers and offer bundle deals.

With some creative marketing, your custom salon app will gain more subscribers and help your business thrive. Staying active in your local community and fostering partnerships is key. Your devoted clients and brand advocates will spread the word about your salon’s superb services.

Integrate with Zapier or Make

Integrate with Zapier or Make

Using a tool like Zapier or Make, you can connect your custom salon app to many popular business tools. For example, you can:

· Sync new client details from your booking form directly to your email marketing service. This way you can send an automated welcome email as soon as someone books an appointment.

· Create invoices in your accounting software whenever a new sale is made in your app. This can save you hours of manual data entry and ensure you never miss billing a client.

· Get SMS notifications whenever a staff member clocks in or out. This gives you more oversight and control without having to constantly check in on your team.

· Post updates to your social media profiles when you publish a new blog post or service on your website. This helps to automatically promote your business and keep your social followers engaged.

The options are endless. Integrating your salon app with other tools using a service like Zapier can help streamline your operations and save you valuable time. With just a few clicks, you can build the connected workflows that power your business.


So, there you have it, a customized solution to efficiently run your salon business without expensive subscription fees. By building your own tailored app, you're investing in software that caters specifically to your needs and helps streamline operations to boost productivity and profits. What are you waiting for? Take control of your technology and say goodbye to hefty monthly bills. A custom app is the smart choice for salon owners looking to cut costs and maximize growth. You'll wonder why you didn't make the switch sooner.

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