Airtable training curriculum

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

You might be using Excel sheets for your teams and might be wondering how to better correlate all of them.Also, one or all of the below questions would have made you think other than excel.

Are you spending more time in managing an endless number of spreadsheets?

Got tired with repeated manual data-entry tasks?

Facing difficulty in keeping track of your teams, client, projects?

Missing effective collaboration in your teams?

Airtable is one tool that addresses all of the above concerns. Plan an Airtable training for your team to equip them with right basics of Airtable.

"Your team can create a wide variety of applications for your small business that you can imagine".

eg., If you are a Small Digital agency, You can quickly spinup below example applications for team use. Interestingly, Airtable Universe has quick templates for any use-cases.

It's about finding the right use-case and customizing to our needs. Because every company has a different operating culture.

1. Basic CRM (Customize it according to your needs)

2. Employee Directory, leave system, time sheets

3. Integrate with SendGrid for an email campaign to your leads

4. To-Do list

5. Social Media Automation

6. Invoice Generator

7. Project tracker

8. Employee hiring system

9. Sales commission tracker

10.Keyword research planning tool

Training for a team up to 5 people we charge a fixed fee of 250 USD, training runs for 3 Hours. Also, we provide learning support of 15 days after

the completion of training.

KwikSync structured Airtable training course into 7 series.

Please fill the below form mentioning the training requirement for your team.

Basic Training

Each of the below series will be covered in Basic Training:

Series 1#. Getting Started

- Creating Airtable Account

- Creating a new base and walkthrough

- Adding sample data to base

- linking records

- Single select and date fields

- Airtable pricing

- Sample Application: Event Management Staffing Application

- Sample Application: Employee Directory -

- Sample Application:- Sales Pipeline CRM

Series 2#. Formulas and functions

- Lookup Records

- Date and time functions

- If statement

- Stringing data together with functions

- lookup function

- Rollup function

- Junction tables

- Conditional lookup, rollup and count fields

Series 3#. Airtable views

- Publish a pubic form view

- Managing time with calendar view

- Visualizing with Gallery View

- Share data through public views

- Kanban views

- Sharing on mobile

Series 4# Group, Sort & Filter

- Grouping Data

- Sorting Data

- Filtering Data

Series 5# Airtable integrations Using Zapier

- Send email