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Best Automations for Real Estate Agents

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Are you a Real Estate Agent..Zapier Integrations or Other automation tools like Make are required for real estate automation for the systems to achieve more productivity.

Real estate agents, most of their time would be spent with clients, talking about and showing off homes. The challenging part is more hours are spent on moving information from one system to another, and crafting and scheduling social media posts.

Predominantly Real estate Agent software stack is -

  • Facebook Lead Ads

  • Lion Desk

  • Zendesk or other ticketing tool

  • Slack or Other notification too

  • Google Sheets

Below are the possible challenges that real estate agents come across in managing the leads. Marketing automation for estate agents or real estate workflow automation can be achieved using tools like Zapier or Make. This helps reduce time spent in managing contacts and improves the productivity drastically.

1. When an email comes from a client, an agent has to jump into the CRM system to see if that person was already in contact lists, and would then add a note with details from the email. It’s found that a lot of time was spent managing contacts and leads across a few different tools.

Create contacts in CRM from new contacts - Zapier/Make compares the sender's email address to contacts in CRM. If there's a match, tool saves a record of the email to that contact's CRM record, allowing monitoring contacts and maintaining a complete record of conversation in CRM.

[Automation] - Automating CRM and Email Contacts System - Anytime, a new contact is entered into phone, it gets sent to the CRM

2. Real Estate agents, manually check Facebook Lead Ads multiple times per day to see if any new leads came through. It’s required to type in all the pieces of information on each lead collected through Facebook into other systems.

Potential homebuyers (or leads) reach Real estate agents through Facebook Lead Ads, and responding quickly is critical.

[Automation] - Facebook Lead Ads and CRM to be automated. This enables leads coming through Facebook are flowed into CRM.

3. Real estate automation tools like Zapier/Make are used to funnel leads to other apps such as CRM for realtors and add leads to CRM as contacts

4. Acting very fast is important for Real Estate Agents. If a lead is out hunting for a home, they've likely contacted multiple agents in the area.

[Automation] - Instantly share MLS listings with tools like RealScout, leads that come in through Facebook. By simply selecting custom categories such as price range or neighborhood, Zap finds and shares relevant MLS listings of future homes with potential buyers. Turn new leads from Facebook Lead Ads to Collaborative Home search (RealScout) contacts.

5. Connect email marketing and customer support tools

[Automation] - Customer support ticket tools filled out whenever leads subscribed to specific newsletters in Mailchimp. share new campaigns on social media, create tickets from text messages, and manage new leads in project management tools.

6. Keep the Real Estate company team up to date

[Automation] - Real estate Automation tool to send Slack notifications for new about new leads, clients, and what type of property they're after. A glance at Slack and each agent and broker will know whose lead it is, based on location and property type.

7. Timing is everything in real estate. Well, timing and location (location, location). Depending on the market, houses can disappear before they're even officially listed, so connecting buyers with real estate agents quickly can be the difference between earning a commission and walking away empty-handed.

[Automation] - Real Estate Agents Pair Facebook Leads with CRMs, Email Lists, and SMS

8. To make sure they're ahead of their competition, automation has to be in place for generating leads off their website and Facebook ads and receive notifications immediately.

[Automation] - Send New Facebook Lead Ads as a Text Message

9. Create an RSS Feed from Facebook Lead Ads.

[Automation] - Notification comes in the form of an RSS feed. Whether they're sending a text, email, or creating an RSS feed, real estate agents know the smartest way to handle Facebook leads is with Zapier or Make.

10. Taking backup of Leads Information.

[Automation] - Leads sourced from Facebook lead ads can be taken backup into Google sheets through Automation.

Please reach us at for any of your automation needs.

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