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Airtable for project management

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Project management is up to 3x easier with automation apps such as Airtable

Projects. All businesses have projects. If you’re a company with 10-50 employees, and you need expertise on a certain task, you won’t hesitate in hiring an outsider. Companies are known to reduce their employee costs by hiring freelancers and contractors. Outsourcing work to experts is the best way to get quality work done. But how do you manage? How do you keep track of whether the ‘expert’ is doing the work or not?

You can use a spreadsheet. You can use communication channels to keep track of whether the ‘expert’ is working or not. But all of that is bound to become a hassle if you don’t have everything in one place.

What if the ‘expert’ is working but failed to communicate? What if you have numerous full-time employees working on a single task? How do they collaborate, without wasting time on update calls, without repeating tasks?

Again, spreadsheets could be used. Spreadsheets are popular because they are easy to work on, accessible anywhere, and easily exportable. But if you use them for projects, you will have to create multiple sheets for multiple projects. Your employees would have to regularly check for updates, which translates into distractions and added stress. The same would happen with freelancers. If a freelancer spends most of his/her time communicating with you or updating a spreadsheet, he/she won’t be able to concentrate on the work. A nightmare for most businesses.

What is the alternative?

Low to no code collaborative application building platforms are the best alternatives. Platforms such as Airtable or Zoho help you create custom platforms that suit the needs of your business. These platforms work as a link between all the productivity tools and help your business become efficient.

Let’s dive into one of these — Airtable.

What is Airtable?

Airtable is a combination of spreadsheets and relational databases. You can think of Airtable as an alternative to excel, but with added features. Airtable allows you to automate tons of things that would otherwise suck all your time. Check out these automation templates Airtable offers.

To list some benefits: Airtable allows your employees to collaborate better, be efficient, and finish tasks on schedule. It allows you to monitor your company’s department-wise progress. It allows handling freelancers and contractors quite easily. Airtable project management is easy. The airtable project management tools are reliable.

Does Airtable have a Gantt Chart?

It's available for Airtable Pro and Enterprise customers. Configuring the Gantt view is very quick and easy by clicking on the "View" button near the top left corner of the base.

Here’s a quick overview of airtable Gantt charts.

Moreover, project management is not the only use case Airtable offers. The use cases with Airtable are endless.

Is Airtable a project management tool?

There's no "one-size-fits-all" Project management tool. With Airtable, you can manage your large-scale projects, sub-projects, and tasks. You can easily customize it to fit your exact processes.

Why should you consider Airtable for project management?

  1. Airtable is used by more than 200k+ users all over the world.

  2. It works in a similar way to spreadsheets. The user interface is based on spreadsheet format and anyone new can easily adapt to this.

  3. You can collaborate with the team at the same place and time. The data is stored in one central place.

  4. Tracking projects & task management becomes easier.

  5. You can easily share files with your team with the option to download.

  6. Let’s say you have 50 employees working on a gazillion different tasks. How would you track it? How would you go about project management? How would you know how many hours a person is spending on a certain task? Make an entry for each task on Spreadsheets? Create a million different columns and update them daily? Psssh, that’s too much work. This is where Airtable comes in. With a custom-built dashboard and some basic knowledge, you can do anything with airtable. Project management becomes easy. You can easily manage a gazillion different tasks. You can easily gauge the number of hours spent on a certain task. You can, with a click of a button, measure the efficiency of your employees. You can also as easily keep a tab on your expenses.

  7. Airtable can integrate with over 1000 different applications. Some famous applications are Gmail, DropBox, Google Drive, Slack, Trello, etc.

To begin your journey of Project management using Airtable, you can refer to Airtable Project management templates

How can KwikSync help?

We, as an automation consulting company, can help you identify your needs. We can help you set up Airtable for project management and other purposes.

Contact us at for any further help required.

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