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How to create Dux-Soup and Zoho CRM Integration

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Do you have automating LinkedIn in mind for your marketing efforts..Dux-Soup software is LinkedIn automation tool to automate lead generation in LinkedIn..LinkedIn has 500 Million user base and we should definitely consider this.

Dux-Soup is LinkedIn lead generation software. The tool works through Dux-soup Chrome extension. We explored the tool thoroughly and felt Dux-Soup is effective and highly influence in LinkedIn Automation tool.

Automate and simplify your work on LinkedIn

Dux-Soup is a super automation tool for LinkedIn that automates your work and has very great features.

  • Send personalized LinkedIn message for connection for 2nd and 3rd level connections on LinkedIn

  • Send bulk LinkedIn connection messages to many of 1st level connections running upto few hundreds.

  • endorse skills of profiles for the LinkedIn contacts established (trick)

  • Browse through hundreds of profiles automatically

  • Create leads with LinkedIn

You can create your marketing funnel on LinkedIn

You could automatically connect with your target audience, then send a targeted message once the connect requests are accepted, and by doing a simple trick of endorsing some skills so that these prospects can be converted into clients by sending follow-ups. Dux- Soup CRM allows to create a personal LinkedIn lead generation funnel. You can do multiple things like - Add, remove, save all your prospects into your personal dashboard and start getting lead conversion results with Dux-Soup.

Evaluate performance and watch stats

You must watch your stats for your marketing efforts.

Dux-Soup lets you monitor various metrics including the number of profile views & search appearances and help you evaluate the performance of your campaigns.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales navigator is not required for Dux-Soup tool, though it's recommended. It can work effectively with free linked accounts too.


Zapier and Zoho CRM Integrations

For any new LinkedIn automation CRM tool, it's imperative to integrate with master CRM tools like Zoho CRM. We at KwikSync has got expertise in setting up Dux-Soup CRM and in bonus the required integrations, as we being Integrations shop.

Dux-soup can be integrated with other below CRM's and Marketing automation tool through Zapier webhook:

HubSpot CRM


Google sheets



We provide our following services for a fee onwards of 300 USD -

a. Dux-Soup CRM Set up with all configurations set and select right plan

b. Setup the required Integrations required for the tool

c. Provide support for a period of 20 days after tool and Integrations are setup

Background of Dux-Soup Integrations

Dux-Soup integrates with Zapier. For a client on Upwork, we have made the integration through Zapier between Dux-soup and Zoho CRM through Zapier. This is acheived through webhooks testing feature provided by Dux-soup. Leads contacted through Dux-Soup will be flown into Zoho CRM contacts through Zapier. This is achieved through webhooks feature in Dux-Soup. Essentially, this helps for lead generation in LinkedIn.

You can watch the video of Integrations we created for Dux-Soup through Zapier -LinkedIn CRM Integration.

Also, please refer our Zapier consulting practice for more information.


All Linkedin Account types can be used -

  • Send automated (personalized) connection requests to 2nd and 3rd level connections on LinkedIn

  • Message bunch of 1st level connections

  • Automatically endorse skills on profiles of your target audience on LinkedIn

  • Browse through hundreds of profiles automatically

Activity Checker

Dux-Soup track your excessive usage of LinkedIn and sends immediate notifications right after Dux-Soup detects the excessive activity on LinkedIn.

Link Campaigns

You can send connection requests, sending an initial connect message and a follow up, later on. It enables linking your campaigns together and can get excellent results on LinkedIn.

Import / Export

You can Upload your own list of LinkedIn profiles to the Dux-Soup and can do necessary further actions or export data from LinkedIn to CSV file.

How many connection requests can be sent in a day

To use Dux-Soup safely, they recommend to start with sending requests to 3% to 5% connections per day. As network grows the limit can be enhanced and tool can be safely used without any restrictions on LinkedIn.

Important tip on getting more LinkedIn In mail credits

People who used LinkedIn more, would like to make of Inmail for connect or promotion of their services/product. Unfortunately, with free account Inmails are very very limited. To get good Inmail credits, they need to have premium account and even this offers some limited number of Inmails.

Below is a tip to use more Inmail credits -

if you and your connection are a member of a common group, you can connect them without losing your credits as below:

  1. Visit profile page of your desired connection and check any common groups between you bo

  2. If any common group is present, a check mark will be present next to the work (member)

  3. Check the group page and select “see all members”, choose members whom you want to contact

  4. By Clicking on “send message”, you can connect with them without affecting your InMails limit.

Please subscribe to Dux-Soup CRM through us -

We are a boutique consultancy specialized in Cloud web apps No code, Low Code tools (Including Airtable, Zapier) and tools selection advisory. We earn money through a small referral commissions from app.

Note: We only recommend highly productive and cost effective tools.

Also, you receive the following advantages:

a. We can help you in Integrations required for the tool free

b. Assist you in setting up the tool properly and select right plan

For any further information, please reach us on

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