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TOP 35 Airtable FAQ’s

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

1. Which one is better among Google sheets and Airtable

Airtable combines the features of spreadsheets and Databases. It has the power to correlate between tables and to create and edit records. This leads to features like creating apps around records in the Database, which are not there in Google sheets.

On the other hand, Google Sheets is defined as "Create and edit spreadsheets online, for free".

2. Does Airtable work offline?

Offline access is not present for Airtable, as it works on the cloud.

3. Is Airtable safe?

Yes, Airtable is quite safe. For data moving between sites, Airtable uses 256 bit SSL/TLS encryption. When the data is at rest, Airtable uses 256 bit AES encryption.

4. Can you print from Airtable?

Yes, printing a view is possible.

5. Is Airtable a relational database?

Yes, it’s a relational database making the possibility of connecting tables.

6. What is Airtable view? The view displays records and fields as columns.

7. How to lock a view in Airtable?

This is available in the Pro plan. This prevents all collaborators from altering a view’s configuration.

8. Can an Airtable base be shared? Yes.

9. How to freeze a column in Airtable? When you hover around a field, a blue bar will appear. It will say ‘drag to adjust the number of frozen columns’. You can use it to change the frozen fields.

10. Can I add Photos to Airtable?

Yeah. Just create a gallery view.

11. Can I change the primary field in Airtable?

No, you cannot change the primary field. Although you change the field type or replace the data in the field.

12. Can I send emails using Airtable? Yes. You can build automation to send emails.

13. Can Airtable send reminders? Yes. You can set reminders according to dates, formulas, or other triggers.

14. How do I sync my Airtable? You can sync the source base with the destination base. That means you can send data from the source table in the base to the destination table in the base. 15. How do I embed my Airtable? You can embed Airtable to any website that supports iframe. Find detailed instructions here

16. How to add days to date in Airtable? You can use a formula to add days to a date in Airtable. The formula is DateAdd({Date_Field},Number_of_days_to_add,’days’)

17. What does Airtable integrate with? Airtable can integrate with other apps and services. See the full list of integrations here.

18. How to use Airtable API? You can use Airtable API using an API key. The free plan allows only 5 API requests per second. Find detailed instructions here. 19. How to get the Airtable API key? Go to your Airtable account page. There you’ll find a small button to ‘Generate API key’. 20. How to use formulas in Airtable? You can make a column as a formula field. Then you can input the formula at the top of this field. This formula will automatically apply to every row entry in the column. 21. Can you do vlookup in Airtable? Unlike Excel or Spreadsheet, there’s no function for vlookup. But you can find a script for vlookup here. 22. How to link two tables in Airtable?

Linking two tables in Airtable is as easy as clicking on a button. First, create a linked record field between two tables. This is a link between the two tables. Once you have that, you can link the individual records that you want to link. Detailed guide here. 23. How to search the entire Database? You can search from the entire database using the search app. More details here. 24. How often do Airtable automations run?

Generally, Airtable automations run approximately every 5 to 10 minutes when the base is open. They usually run every hour when the base is closed. 25. How to Import a CSV into Airtable? You can import CSV into Airtable using the CSV import app. 26. Can you link bases in Airtable? No, you cannot link individual records across bases in Airtable. 27. What are Airtable apps?

Airtable apps are apps that can run with your base. These apps add functionality, let you play with the records, and enhance your Airtable experience. 28. Are Airtable apps free?

Yes, all Airtable apps are free. 29. What is rollup in Airtable? ‘Rollup’ is a field in Airtable that aggregates specific cells from the record that are linked to another field in your table.

30. What is lookup in Airtable?

‘Lookup’ is a field in Airtable that allows you to pull the record content from one linked record to another. It lets you look up another record in Airtable.

31. How to create a link between fields in Airtable? You will use the ‘link to another record’ field for linking between two fields. 32. How to add emojis in Airtable?

Adding emojis to Airtable is easy. You can just copy/paste from any online resource. 33. Is Airtable HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) compliant?

No, airtable is not HIPAA compliant at this time.

34. Airtable vs Google sheets

35. Airtable on mobile

How do you set up Airtable?

We help companies set up Airtable and the required automation to boost productivity. You can reach us at

Check out our success stories here.

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