Klipfolio dashboards for Social Media Performance, Ad Spend & PipeDrive

One of our clients, who is a popular Business coach in the US, has a requirement to build customized Klipfolio Dashboards. The client wanted to build clips for tracking the below onto Klipfolio Dashboards.

Social Media Dashboard

We built Social media with no. of followers across each of the platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This enables the client to measure the Audience Growth rate, thereby measuring the speed at which Social Media following increases on social media and how quickly they gain followers.

Klipfolio Social Media Dashboard

Facebook Page Dashboard

Metrics to be monitored are Likes, Engagement, new likes, engaged users, page impressions.

The client wants to measure - Reach, Engagement across Facebook, wherein we have made klips measure different attributes – Reach, Clicks, Reactions, Comments, Likes, and Shares for the last 15 days and percentage change compared to previous 15 days.

Also, we have made a Klip for Facebook measuring last 90 days – Total Page Visits, Visits per day.

Klipfolio Facebook Dashbooards
Klipfolio Facebook engaged users
Facebook Page Stats

Pinterest Dashooard

We have built a Klip to measure Pinterest engagement. In the Klip, we have pulled data from Pinterest API and represented each of the board associated with the account. Also, pins and followers against each of the board were represented.

Note: Klipfolio doesn’t have a standard DataSource template for Pinterest. We have created Pinterest DataSource using Pinterest API at the below location. Unfortunately, Pinterest API is not very much matured and allows getting only access to some endpoints.


We have built a Klip to measure ManyChat engagement. In the Klip, we have pulled data from ManyChat API and represented tags count, Growth tools, Flows count.

Note: Klipfolio doesn’t have a standard data source template for ManyChat. We have created ManyChat DataSource using ManyChat API


Metrics to be measured for Youtube are - Subscribers, views per month, and most popular videos.

We have built Klips for Youtube engagement. For Youtube, Klipfolio already had builtin klips and we made use of them to build dashboards.

Klipfolio Youtube Dashboard

Instagram Dashboard

Metrics to be monitored are - Subscribers, post reach, interactions, website clicks

We have built Klips to measure Instagram performance. In the klip we have extracted data from Instagram API.

Business Dashboard

The Client wants to track webinar funnel, wherein they want a dashboard for Optins # and %, attendees, # of Applications from the webinar, Sales, cost per lead, and cost per application.

PipeDrive Dashboard

The client uses Pipedrive and wants a dashboard for -

  • Monthly sales goal - how close are we to hitting that

  • The current monthly sales rank for the sales team

  • Sales for each product category

Instagram and Facebook Ads

A dashboard to track Instagram Ads -

measuring Total Ad Clicks, Cost per click, Total Ad Spend for Instagram, Total CPM, Total CPP and Total Impressions.

A dashboard to track Facebook Ads -

Campaigns, Ad Spend, Total clicks.

For more details about the dashboards, please visit our youtube video -


We are Klipfolio Certified experts. For any Klipfolio dashboard requirements, please reach us at vijayd@kwiksync.org.

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