iPaas​ Consulting

Why use iPaas

  • Quickly deploy new integrations across a wide variety of systems

  • Help automate business processes for improved customer journeys

  • Simplify data integration tasks with helpful templates and integration design interfaces

  • Allow users to link clouds and platforms that were previously incompatible

iPaas Software Features

  • Integration Designer

  • Downloadable Templates

  • Template Creation

  • Integration Management and Analytics

Shortcomings of ESB

Before examining the practical reasons to embrace iPaaS, it helps to understand where ESB has faltered in meeting the needs of organizations. ESB has led to:

  • Increased OPEX due to software license cost and server maintenance

  • Customers need to buy inflexible, all-or-nothing middleware product stack despite minimal integration requirements

  • Time consuming and expensive customization

  • Inability to meet customer demand for combination of cloud and on-premise application integration

  • Long release cycles for patches and upgrades

  • A burden on resources as and when there is a change in business demands -- due to mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, etc.—leads to increased maintenance cost.

What Services we Provide

1. iPaas tool Assessment

2. iPaas Implementation

3. Tool assessment to check fitness for your organization

What tools do we work with

We work with many of the Self Service BI tools like Jitterbit, Segment, Zapier to mention few. 

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